Leasehold in Asia

If you are considering leasing property in Thailand you might also wish to look at other areas in Asia. We compare Thailand to other countries such as Vietnam to give you a perspective to leaseholds in Asia. In terms of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand the longer term leasehold of any immovable property is 30 years.

This is currently the limit of property leasehold agreements in Thailand. Depending on the use of the land or property is depends on what you wish to use the property for. Usually expats want to have long leases as they wish to conduct business or retire on the property and require long leases. As a foreigner you cannot buy land in Thailand outside of a very limited structure however there are also other countries in the area.

In Vietnam you also may not buy land as it all belongs to the state, however you can get a 50 – 70 year lease on property in Vietnam. There is only one problem that being that they usually want to rental for the entire agreement upfront. If you are going to sign a lease on a large property for 50 years, you better have very deep pockets. Much like Asia the rules to adjust from time to time however it is always best to speak to a real estate attorney with regards to anything related to property laws in Asia.

In Indonesia you can also have leasehold for up to 30 years which can be extended for an additional 20 years. This puts it in line with Vietnam with regards to the length of the leasehold agreement. Now Malaysia the the Malaysian Second Home policy makes life even easier and outside of Thailand makes Malaysia one of the best countries for leasehold agreements. This being that the government gives you loads of incentives to invest in Malaysia and to make it your second home. If you are looking at retiring in Malaysia and looking for a modest and English speaking country in Asia – Malaysia and the Malaysian Second Home policy might be even better than Thailand for you. Speak to any of our real estate attorneys in Thailand with regards to Malaysia as we are represented in Malaysia by a Malaysian law firm. With offices in all the major tourist areas of Thailand and a representative in Malaysia and an office in Manila we are best able to assist you with moving to Asia.

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